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Sam Nehra

Imagine an organisation where everyone is ambitious about the future.  Where conflicts are healthy and productive and consistently lead to innovation.  Where employees end each work day fulfilled and energized, ready to tackle tomorrow. At Psyched, we work with our clients to make this happen and to bring the fun back into their workplaces. 

Sam Nehra is our main Human Dynamics Wizard.

Clients work with her to increase leadership capability and to improve their organisational performance and processes. With two decades of experience working in human dynamics, she understands what it takes to shift human behaviour and to break through resistance to change. Her wide network of trusted partners and consultants in Cayman, Canada, US and UK ensure that she has access to specialist assistance and global innovations.

Sam is an Executive Coach, Certified Leadership Trainer and HR guru who understands how to get your people moving in the right direction. Leaving her job last year to whisk her family off on a year-long "radical sabbatical" shows her personal commitment to making bold decisions and shaking things up. She's not your average run-of-the-mill guru, and loves to work with organisations that are bold enough to shake things up too.

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