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Tomato Trio


Selecting the right person for your organisation is both a science and an art. There are a number of awesome agencies out there that can source the best talent for you to interview, but how do you ensure that you will make the right choice? How do you know if they will fit with your culture? Are you even clear on your culture? Selecting the wrong candidate will cost you a great deal of time and even more money. Hiring shouldn't be a leap of faith. We can help you make hiring decisions that will strengthen your team, build your culture and grow your business.



Training alone will not magically transform your people into exceptional leaders and high performers. Training sits at the first level but without support, the new skills that you have invested in are unlikely to take root.

We believe that there are five levels to talent development and we offer tools to ensure success at each level.  We can design training programmes, learning plans, executive coaching and train the trainer to suit your unique needs.



You have the best talent. You've invested in their development, and yet you're still not attaining the high targets that you have set for yourself. You may have the right person in the wrong role, or perhaps some of your leaders are simply not moving in the same direction as your business. We can help you plan and execute succession discussions and performance systems that will sustain growth and fulfil potential.

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