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Do you have access to a Performance Coach? Do you have a Wendy Rhoades?

In case you haven't met her - Wendy Rhoades, played by Maggie Siff, is the bottom-line boosting, performance enhancement, kick- ass coach in the Netflix hit series "Billions." She is an interesting character, portraying a role that up until recently, wasn't common in the financial services industry. So whats she all about and why should you have a Wendy in your life?

What is Performance Coaching?

I was reminded yesterday of the powerful words of Einstein, who, in a nutshell said that it takes a different kind of thinking to solve a problem, than the kind of thinking which produced the problem in the first place. Think of coaching as the process of helping people develop their capacity to think about things (such as problems, people, relationships, customers, products, services, the future) in new and creative ways so that they can accomplish what they really want to accomplish.

Performance coaching is one methodology that can take already successful performers to the next level. A large part of performance coaching is about managing energy — infusing techniques and tactics into leaders to harness their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy for maximum impact. Performance coaching is NOT therapy. It is NOT about managing under-performers. It’s not even about making people feel good — in fact, often it involves tough love. It is delivered with high trust and mutual respect. To be successful, it requires a high degree of commitment from both participants. And it has to show results.

Why do I need a Performance Coach?

According to Harvard Business Review, two out of every five new executives fail in their first 18 months on the job. Why? You might not be surprised to see that the main reason has nothing to do with competence, knowledge, or experience, but rather with arrogance, ego and an out-of-touch leadership style.

As the competition increases you need to be on top of your leadership game, you need to get serious about what you do as a leader. You need to spend time evaluating your performance and determine how to improve it. If you are not in the mindset of continuous improvement, you aren’t going to make it.

How Do I Get a Wendy Rhoades in My Life?

Uh Hum, (clears throat with sarcastic tone) You contact me for a coffee and I can hook you up. All joking aside - selecting the right performance coach for you is important. You need to find someone you have chemistry with, who has business AND coaching experience. Will they challenge you? Will they be honest? Are they passionate about your success? I am honoured to sit amongst the finest, most talented performance coaches in the world, and I want to connect you. You know who to call.................

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